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SomanyCeramics is one of the well experienced company in manufacturing tiles and sanitary wares. We at thetilestore provide every new and modern collections of tiles like somany bathroom floor tiles, somany kitchen wall tiles, outdoor tiles etc. for incomparable price.

What do we offer?

We handle on every brand tiles including somany ceramics and being one among the top somany tile dealers in Chennai. In somany tiles we also sell somany 3d tiles, somany digital kitchen tiles, somany outdoor tiles, somany marble finish tiles etc.


Somany Floor or wall vitrified tiles have a huge advantage over other tiles as they do not fade away so soon. As somany Floor & wall last for a long period of time and so do not need to be replaced frequently.


  • Somany floor & wall tiles are more durable and scratch resistant.
  • somany digital kitchen tiles are consistent in sizes, shades and thickness.
  • Vitrified tiles have very less water absorption and are stain resistant.
  • Due to moisture resistant, vitrified tiles prevent bacteria and fungi from growing.
  • somany elevation tiles is easy to clean as it has shiny surface.
  • These tiles will best option the flooring in wet areas as they are moisture resistant.
  • The sheen is not lost very soon.
  • The effect of sunlight neither alters the colour of the tiles nor causes them to fade.


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