Floor Tiles

Explore our attractive range of floor tiles that combines technological expertise with beautiful
patterns. With an extensive array of patterns, sizes and colours, our tiles are sure to transform
your space.

Bedroom Floor Tiles
Choose from a range of tiles that will transform your bedroom into a welcoming space. Be it luxurious or minimalist, classic or contemporary, we have tiles to match every style. We offer versatile solutions with a perfect blend of convenience and design.
Bathroom Floor Tiles
Immerse yourself in the serenity of your bathroom. Whether you are stepping out of your shower or sliding into your bath, choose from our range of tiles that transform your bathroom into the most relaxing and comforting space.
Parking Floor Tiles
We offer the strongest range of floor tiles for your parking that can withstand heavy vehicles and at the same time make your entryway look unique and stylish. Our stunning collection of heavy-duty tiles will accentuate the beauty of your home.
Living Room Floor Tiles
Make your living room an extension of your personality and choose from a remarkable range of colours, sizes, designs, and textures. Set the tone and texture of your home from our collection inspired by stone, wood, marble, and concrete.
Balcony Floor Tiles
Breathe in the fresh air with your feet firmly on the ground. Our balcony tiles offer the perfect continuity and seamlessness between your interior and exterior while maintaining the sturdiness and strength required for an outdoor space.

We at thetilestore offer wide collection of floor tiles on all top brands that enrich your flooring ideas. Whether it is for home floor tiles, office floor tiles, car parking tiles, outdoor wall tiles and much more.


  • Wide ranges of coloured tiles, patterns tiles, designs, shades are available.
  • Glazed ceramic tile can withstand heavy foot traffic.
  • Bathroom floor tiles will not deform or break in extreme temperature condition.
  • Maintenance of vitrified floor tiles is easier.
  • Kitchen ceramic tile is highly water resistant, which helps in stain protection and cleanup.
  • Ceramic floor tile is very good insulators of heat.
  • Marble tile flooring is highly resistant to chemicals agents.
  • Being moisture resistant, it will prevent bacteria and fungi from growing.
  • Porcelain Floor Tiles is easy to mop. Need less mopping effort.

Outdoor floor tile can also help to reduce your energy use (and bills) by keeping your house cooler in the summer. They also add some insulating qualities to your home in the winter