While designing your new home or while revamping it, the room that we concentrate on most is the living room. This is due to the reason that is is the first room that we see after entering our house. And there is no denying that you have a profound emotional connect with your living room.

Choosing a tile for your living room can be a challenging task. The mixture of color, size, style and texture may be attractive but the question is how do you cognize they are going to be appropriate for your living room? So we have to decorate and design the living room in the best way.

While giving importance to walls, settings of the furniture etc. we are also keenly looking at the floors. The living room may be well decorated but a poor quality floor tile will make the room less becoming. Follow the tips below to spruce up your living room flooring with tiles:

Contemplate on durability, maintenance etc.

=> Glazed vitrified tiles are appropriate for both aesthetic and practical purposes. These tiles are made with a blend of clay, feldspar and quartz and are popular for their durability and low porosity.
=> Glazed vitrified tiles can withstand stain and are scratch resistant.
=> Glazed vitrified tiles are easy to maintain and maintain their luster for years together.