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We are one of the leading retailers of Tiles and Sanitary ware in Chennai, and we claim this not as a status but as a responsibility, as we have to meet the growing expectations of our Clients with every passing year.
Having started our journey as a Distributor, we have been supplying Vitrified tiles since 2007 to more than 100 Dealers across the Chennai and Suburbs. We have come a long way in establishing ourselves as one of the largest display showrooms in Chennai.
We take our Customers through an entire journey from the time they step-in inside our showroom, we make them walk through our entire display, understanding their taste, budget, their requirements, the perfect combinations and matching. And we also suggest them to use some beautiful looking tiles in their bedroom walls, living rooms, dining rooms to further enhance the beauty of their homes. We have trained our sales person not to push for sales but to attain customer satisfaction through well understanding of customers. We take pride in calling our sales persons as “Tile Consultants”.
As our products are used in the finishing stages in the Construction process, and ours is only product which is visible, our responsibility further increases by leaps and bonds. We understand how important it is beautiful looking home is for every individual, so we make sure the right kind of product is suggested to our customers with suits their budget as well as their imagination.