Best Floor Tiles for Your Rooms
Choosing a perfect tile for your homes is tough. As endless varieties of tiles are flooding the market, finding a tile that matches your interiors needs careful thoughts and consideration. While design and aesthetics play a major role, it’s also important to match the tiles with the room requirements which enhance your spaces. Here is a short lowdown on the best tiles for your rooms. Click on the points to read more.


The kitchen is where the culinary adventures take place which means lots of splashing sauces and boiling oils at high temperatures. Not to forget chances of heavy cans and utensils tumbling down from the countertop to the floor. Add regular dragging of chairs and table into the mix and you’ll realize why Kitchens need a strong flooring solution. That’s why Stain and Scratch resistant tiles collection ensure that your kitchens are clean and efficient with less mopping and cleaning required


The Bedroom, unlike Kitchen, is a space for rest and relaxation. Your bedroom needs a feel of warmth and an inviting look which can be achieved by using colours and tiles that are soft and calming to look at. That’s why tiles with wooden finish and natural stone tiles are a good option to give your bedrooms a peaceful and gentle feel. You can use a soft, supple and non-reflective surface for soothing flooring surface for your bedrooms which help you to unwind after a hard day of work.

Living Room

Living room bustles with activities, family events, and regular routines. It’s the central point of your home which requires complete attention to capture your personality. Living rooms hence need a balanced combination of aesthetic appeal and important functionalities like low maintenance and long service life. Which is why large format slabs are a perfect fit for living rooms as they provide beauty with low maintenance.


The bathroom is mostly wet and damp with a potential breeding ground for germs. And so hygienic tiles with an anti-slip feature is a perfect fit for clean and safe bathrooms. While bright tiles enhance the bathrooms appear bigger by inviting lights, you can choose from several different patterned design ideas to match your bathroom decor and personalize your style.