It’s unlikely you wouldn’t have considered ceramic tiles if you have bought a new home or giving your house a makeover. From entryways, fireplaces to kitchens and living areas, ceramic tiles have found a place in every area of your home.

In a limited budget, ceramic tiles have the ability to transform your space.


What is a ceramic tile?

Ceramic tiles are made from natural clay and sand that is mixed with water. It is then molded at high pressure and then dried out, painted. Ceramic tiles are usually glazed to protect it from water and scratches before being fired in a kiln to harden them.


Where can it be used?

Gone are the days where ceramic tiles were used only for the bathrooms and kitchen because of the limited shapes and forms they were available in. With the advent of latest HD Inkjet printing, the designs and colors in ceramic are limitless. They come in vivid hues and surreal textures allowing it to be used in different spaces to create the moods and themes you desire. From the wood effect, stone effect to patterned designs, ceramic tiles come in a multitude of finishes, colors, and textures.


Why choose a ceramic tile?


Known for their incredible durability, ceramic tiles have stood the test of time. The glazed tiles have a protective layer making them impermeable by water and stains. This makes them ideal in moist and wet areas like bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry. They are sturdy and difficult to crack. Should a tile crack, the process of replacing is relatively easy, quick and inexpensive. Unlike natural stones, ceramic tiles are resistant to stains making them extremely easy to maintain.


How do you choose the tile?

Ceramic tiles are usually graded on a scale of 1 to 5. According to their durability. A zero graded tile is for use on wall spaces only. A tile with a grade 3 can be used on the floor that has moderate usage. A grade 4 tile can be used in the hallway and kitchen and Grade 5 is the toughest nut to crack and hence can be used anywhere.

With numerous designs available in the market, ceramic tiles are sure to add colour and character to your home. Furthermore, they come with a host of advantages making it ideal for use in your homes and other spaces.